Q: Will my photo fit on the rock if it is not the same dimensions?
A: Because photos are typically 4x6, our processors will crop the photo from the center of the image so that it will not look stretched on the rock.  Because of this, any details on the edges of the image may be cropped out. Adjustments will be appropriately made for the R-right and R-Left shaped rocks.


Q: Do I need to do anything to take care of the rock?
A: Nope! A clear sealant coat is applied to each rock to ensure the photo quality does not fade.


Q: Can I display the rock outside?
A: So far we have not had any problems with customers displaying our rocks outdoors.  If this changes over time, we will update our site to reflect any new information we have.


Q: How do you put the image on the rock?
A: We print the photo using a special type of ink, then transfer it to the rock using a two-sided heat press. Each photo is processed by hand by a Rock of Ages employee...There is no automation in our system, so we are personally invested in perfecting your rock!


Q: How long does the image last?
A: We are a relatively new company, so this is a tough question to answer!  Rock of Ages puts a clear sealant coat on each rock.  This provides not only a shiny finish, but also protects from the elements, all while preventing the photo from fading.  Since we have started printing, we have not noticed any fading in any of our rocks.  If this changes over the years, we will be sure to update the website to reflect any new information!


Q: Does my rock come with a stand?
A: Yes, each rock is sent out with its own individual stand to display it wherever you like.