About Us

Rock of Ages (ROA) offers a unique and revolutionary way to display your most prized photographs. Ordinary picture frames are not only very expensive, but finding one that is both unique AND compliments your photograph is nearly impossible.  Then even when you do find one, the novelty of the photo can get lost amongst the hundreds of other framed photos in your home.  Using a process known as sublimation printing, Rock of Ages will print your most loved photos onto a unique piece of slate to be displayed anywhere in your home. We say a “unique” piece of slate because, just as in nature, every rock that we produce has its own individual ridges and features around the edges, making your product one of a kind.  Not only is the high quality image breathtakingly vibrant, but being printed on a ROA rock will give all of its passer-by’s a reason to stop and stare, which is what we all ultimately want for our most prized photos!